(I)ndependent People at Reykjavik Arts Festival Reykjavík Arts Festival Visual Arts Program 2012 curated by Jonatan Habib Engqvist, is a large-scale collaborative international visual arts project that will involve many of Reykjavík’s exhibition spaces, museums, galleries and public space during the festival season and throughout the summer. Focusing on contemporary visual art from the Nordic and Baltic countries, (I)ndependent People asks if and how collaboration can operate in continual negotiation between contesting ideas and desires, yet allowing unplanned and transformative action.

Hendrik Zeitler and Josefina Posch represented Gallery Box, that had been invited as an arts collective through Kalle Brolin. In collaboration with other Box members the gallery conducted in depth interviews with artist run organisations in Gothenburg from 1954 until present. The interviews were exhibited.

Documentation but for the first image by Henrik Zeitler