This past Sunday my Italian, but now UK based friends Cristiana and Francesco hosted the first of a series of micro-fundraising dinners that aspire to democratize the arts grant process by creating opportunities for artists and supporters of culture to meet face-to-face in the intimate context of dinner. Often artists need a minimal amount of funding that allows them to get a project started and put a process into action. The Troutbeck Dinner Project aims to help assist projects at this crucial stage by providing a framework where artists can share their ideas and raise funds for their work. 

Cristiana Bottigella & Francesco Stoccchi “Troutbeck Dinner Project” Founders

Beth Shiner in red left and Jason Waite seated right presenting their project “Trip to Iraq” This dinner was in support of the “Trip to Iraq” project that Beth Shiner and Jason Waite, two recent Goldsmiths graduates who are planning on meeting artists, art students and assess the potential for future collaboration in Iraq.

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